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2016 New Holland Agriculture H6750 Mounted

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Ridgeview New Holland - Massey Ferguson
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New Holland Agriculture
H6750 Mounted
60 hp (44.7 kW) minimum PTO


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NEW New Holland H6750 Disc Mower

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Cutting Width: 9’2”
Cutting Height: .95-3.25”
Cutterbar Tilt Angle: 0 to -10 degrees
Cutterbar Operating Range: +18 to -28 degrees
Breakaway Angle: 19 degrees
Cutterbar Type: Modular with individual sealed reservoirs
Cutterbar Drivetrain Protection: Std.-frangible splines in disc drive hub
Number of Discs: 7
Knives per Disc: 2
Disc Cutting Diameter: 19.7”
Disc Drive: Bevel gears in sealed modules
Disc Speed: 3,000 RPM

Min. PTO hp Required: 60 hp
Input Speed: 540 RPM
Driveline Protection: Belt drive to cutter bar
Overrunning Clutch: On PTO shaft
Belt Tension: Spring-loaded tensioner with adjustment gauge

Hydraulic Circuits Required: One remote
Minimum Relief Pressure Required: 1,500 PSI
Hitch: Category II

Overall Width: 181.75”
Overall Length: 50.5”
Height (Transport Position): 141”
Weight: 1,590 lbs



New Holland H6000 Series heavy-duty disc mowers breeze through the toughest conditions to give you a clean, even cut in less time. Discs spin up to 3,000 rpm, producing a knife tip speed of up to 187 mph to slice through dense, wet grasses, fire ant hills and gopher mounds. Select from four heavy-duty models, including a pull-type model with a cut width of over 10 feet.


The 3-Year MowMax™ Protection includes the one year standard machine warranty plus two more years of coverage on the MowMax™ disc cutterbar starting with the input drive shaft. Coverage pays for parts and labor for defective parts or workmanship within the 36 month time period.

  • Smooth Cutting Performance: Three 3-point-hitch-mounted H6700 Series disc mowers feature simple and convenient operation and transport. Use them to mow fields, roadsides and around your property.
  • Automatic Reaction to Field Changes: A flotation spring on H6700 mounted mowers allows for vertical cutterbar movement over field obstructions. In addition, a spring-loaded breakaway latch allows the cutterbar to swing back if it hits an immovable object in the field.
  • Change Quickly from Field to Road: When you’re ready to hit the road, use remote hydraulics to raise the H6700 mounted mowers to a locked vertical transport position. A removable parking jack stand and convenient onboard storage location are provided on both mounted and pull-type models.
MowMax™ Cutterbar
  • Cleaner Cutting, More Durabilty and Less Downtime: New Holland's proven MowMax™ cutterbar sets the standard for the industry. With its true modular design, each disc module is an individually sealed gear case with a dedicated oil reservoir. Even when cutting on slopes, there's never a problem with oil starvation to the upper side. Each case is connected with independent, hardened alloy drive shafts, instead of a single-piece drive shaft that can twist. The cutterbar is backed by Three-Year MowMax™ Protection that includes the one year standard machine warranty plus two more years of coverage on the disc cutterbar starting with the input drive shaft.
  • Faster, Easier Servicing with ShockPRO™ Hubs: When the mower hits an obstruction, ShockPRO™ hubs—standard on all MowMax™ cutterbars—absorb the shock of an impact before damage to the cutterbar driveline can occur. If a ShockPRO hub fails, replace it in just 10 minutes, at minimal cost.
  • Cleaner Cutting with MowMax™: The MowMax™ cutterbar features lower-profile rock guards to allow closer cutting at a flatter angle. Large disc overlap ensures cleaner cutting, and counter-rotating discs are less prone to streaking. Cutting knives feature a cutting edge on both sides for twice the cutting life when flipped. Choose the standard 14-degree smooth knives, optional 7-degree knives, optional 14-degree serrated knives for working in sandy or abrasive conditions, or specially designed reversible rock knives that extend life when working in rocky fields.
  • Lower-profile rock guards allow for closer cutting at a flatter cutting angle.
  • Stepped module spacers improve the straightness of the cutterbar, allowing it to run more lightly and smoothly for consistent cut height and less wear.
  • The fit of the top cap bearing to the housing is optimized to extend bearing life.
  • More gentle bends in the knife bolt area of the “turtle” reduce wear concentration.
  • Hardened alloy module drive shafts with dampeners eliminate vibration wear.
  • Stronger top cap gear and the ShockPRO hub design eliminate the need to change top cap gear assemblies if there is impact from a foreign object. A partial complement of splines allows the hub to fail instead of the gears
Cutter Bar
  • Cutting width, ft. in. (mm): 9' 2" (2794)
  • Cutting height, in. (mm): .95-3.25 (24-82.5)
  • Cutter bar tilt angle, degrees: 0 to -10
  • Cutter bar operating range, degrees: +18 to -28
  • Breakaway angle, degrees: 19
  • Type cutterbar: MowMax™ cutterbar, modular, w/individual sealed reservoirs
  • Number of discs: 7
  • Knives per disc: 2
  • Disc cutting diameter, in. (mm): 19.7 (500)
  • Disc drive: Bevel gears in sealed modules
  • Disc speed, RPM: 3,000
  • Cutter bar gear protection: Std. ShockPRO: easy replace ShockPRO hub with a partial complement of sacrificial splines
  • Swath width, approx standard, in. (mm): 110" (2794)
  • Swath width with optional swathboards, in. (m): 78(1981) includes LH&RH swathboards
Dimensions and Weight
  • Overall width, in. (mm): 181.75 (4616)
  • Overall length, in. (mm): 50.5 (1283)
  • Height - transport position, in. (mm): 141 (3581)
  • Weight, Shipping lb. (kg): 1,750 (794)
  • Weight, Operating lb. (kg): 1,590 (721)
  • Minimum PTO horsepower required, hp (kW): 60 (44.7)
  • Input speed, RPM: 540
  • PTO shaft spline/size required: 6-spline/ 1 3/8"
  • Driveline protection: Belt drive to cutter bar
  • Overrunning clutch: Standard
  • Belt tension: Spring-loaded tensioner with adjustment gauge
Hydraulics and Hitch
  • Hydraulic circuits required: One remote
  • Minimum relief pressure required, psi (bar): 1,500 (104)
  • Hitch: Category II



Working Width
9 ft. 2 in. (2794 mm)
181.75 in. (4616 mm)
50.5 in. (1283 mm)
Shipping: 1,750 lb. (794 kg); Operating: 1,590 lb. (721 kg)
Recommended HP
60 hp (44.7 kW)